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Gov. Wolf’s Education Plan Makes Historic $1.3 Billion Investment in Public Schools 
Call your PA Senator and Representative and urge them to support the 2021-22 Education Budget,
an historic $1.3 billion investment in PA public schools which creates fairness in education funding,
 while cutting taxes for working families and businesses.

Continuing to make the future of Pennsylvania’s students a priority, Governor Tom Wolf’s 2021 agenda
Restores fairness to public school funding
Directs all existing state basic education funding through fair funding formula for first time
Eliminates or cuts taxes for two-thirds of Pennsylvanians

“Pennsylvania’s school funding system is unfair to students, teachers and communities,” said Gov. Wolf. “The state
still largely funds schools based on student enrollment from 30 years ago, which underfunds growing districts from
our small towns to our big cities. My common sense plan restores fairness to school funding to ensure every community can provide the quality education students need to succeed in life.”     

Level Up for Equitable School Funding 
HB 1167

 Ask your representative to co-sponsor HB 1167, the “Level Up” Legislation
which seeks an additional $100 million for the 100 PA school districts most in need,
impacting 32% of PA students, in both rural and urban areas.

While this list includes only 20% of Pennsylvania’s school districts, those districts serve:

  • 65% of Pennsylvania’s Black students 
  • 58% of Pennsylvania’s Latinx students
  • 58% of Pennsylvania’s students in poverty
  • 64% of Pennsylvania’s English learners
  • 35% of Pennsylvania’s students with disabilities 
  • 32% of Pennsylvania’s total student population

The Charter School Reform Act of 2021
HB 272

Call your representative to co-sponsor HB 272
which would fix PA’s charter school law and to protect kids and taxpayers.

HB 272 will rein in taxpayer funding that is siphoned off local school district budgets into charter school coffers, saving more than $200 million in taxpayer money and reducing
excess payments to charters that are wasted on advertising by supporting HB 272.

The Charter School Reform Act of 2021 can
Protect Your Right to Know, Protect Your Property Tax Dollars, and Protect the Future of Our Kids.




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