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Rev. Joan's Blog

I keep saying the work of UUJusticePA is to reclaim our democracy. So what else could I talk about today other than yesterday’s anniversary of the 1/6/21 insurrection at our US Capital in DC. . . .

There were vigils, prayer gatherings, and justice actions all over the country yesterday, many in PA. (See photos below.)  Many progressives hoped that the failed coup attempt of 1/6/21 might allow for a political reset, that the partisan gridlock would start to loosen, that the political pendulum would begin to swing back.

But that has not happened. The saddest news I heard yesterday came from the US Congress “moment of silence,” often used after grave political events, an act meant to unite our country. Yesterday this solemn event was primarily attended by Democrats. The only two Republicans present were Liz Cheney and her father. This is where we are.

Rachel Maddow’s guest last evening was the historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. She told of the May 22, 1856, brutal attack of one congressman, Representative Preston Brooks, upon another congressman, anti-slavery Senator Charles Sumner, of Massachusetts. This event, the historian Goodwin suggested, was just another step toward the civil war. Read details here:

Many of our US Legislators spoke yesterday. The message from the rioters was “never forget.”  The plea from Legislators yesterday was “never let this happen again.” In an impassioned speech, Senator Cory Booker reminded us that slavery and racism are a part of our history that remain with us. If we don’t dig deeper and accept this reality, “we will never heal, he said.

Pennsylvania is one of five states most likely to experience voter suppression in 2022 & 2024. This Monday morning, January 10, the PA House State Government Committee will most likely pass five anti-voting, corrupt election counting bills. Nothing will alter this reality but the US Congress passage of the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

An editorial from the UUA ends with this line, “The Electoral Count Act also needs revision, but the preeminent danger of subversion lies at the state level, so ECA reform is a far lower priority.”  The only way to stop this trend in our PA General Assembly and beyond is to get progressives elected into leadership on all levels. 

There is so much work to do in Pennsylvania in 2022. We will be strong together.

Holding ground in our faith and moving justice forward in PA,

Rev. Joan


Choose confrontation wisely, but when it is your time don’t be afraid to stand up, speak up, and speak out against injustice. -- John Lewis.

Harrisburg Lobby Days

Lobby Days work like this:

In coordination with Justice Team Leaders, Joan arranges meetings with legislators or their staff.  When appropriate she’ll set up follow-up Zoom Calls.

We usually meet 15-30 minutes before our first appointment, on the lower level, outside of the cafeteria.  Joan provides a list of out appointments, room numbers, etc.  We’ll quickly make a plan as to who is doing what – talking (those familiar with the issue), story tellers, recorders.

Occasionally, we have late afternoon appointments, but mostly we are done by noon or 1 p.m. We do have some funds for taking a snack break mid-way through the day depending on how our appointments are going.  We have to be flexible, or we’ll never see anyone.  Requests for travel reimbursement may be made through our website.

Team leaders or Congregation Leaders can request
a Zoom Lobby 101 review.  Email Joan to make
an appointment.

See the Winter/Spring Harrisburg Lobby Days Schedule below.  Sign up forms will be available soon.






Our year-end fund drive was a huge success.  We reached our goal of $20,000 and released our match of an additional $20,000.  We went beyond our goal. 


Checks are still coming in and we’ll release the final numbers by the end of next week.

Your donations ranged between $10 and $10,000 and we appreciate each and every one.  No one can do it all alone.  We each do what we can, how and when we can, and our combined efforts keep UUJusticePA moving forward. 

There is so much work to do in 2022.  We must keep up the fight to reclaim our democracy.


Again, my sincere appreciation for your generosity
and for your continued commitment to UUJusticePA

And thank you to all who worked to reach our goals throughout the campaign.

Our Fundraising & Membership Team:
Carol Ballance, Ruth Bowen, Anita Henry, Liz Perkins, and Bill Clinton, UUJusticePA Board President.

Our Staff: Ruth Thomas, Acting Administrator, Salsa Coordinator, & overall Assistant to Director, Caron Carnahan, Congregation Liaison Coordinator,
and Jesi Butler, graphic designer and video producer.

It took all of us.   Thank you all,
Rev Joan, Director





Special Meetings and Events

Liaison Team Meeting January 25

Pennsylvania Primary May 17

Annual Meeting May 20 & 21


Lobby Days Schedule

January 24-28
Raise the Minimum Wage
A week of social media contacts to
republicans holding this legislation
back in the PA General Assembly.

February 8 & March29
 To avoid winter travel we will focus on local Congregations to rally teams.  If there is interest we will also form Issue Teams from congregations
to lobby locally. 

April 12 – Reproductive Justice

April 26 – Climate Crisis, Save the Earth

May 24 – Equitable Education for All


c/o Unitarian Church of Harrisburg

1280 Clover Lane, Harrisburg, PA 17113

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