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Rev. Joan’s Blog

The first two months of the PA House of Representatives have been a scary roller coaster ride!!  First, Joanna McClinton did not leave the floor on January 3 with control of the gavel as we all expected.  Instead, Mark Rozzi was Speaker of the House!

The next session was scheduled for Monday, Feb 27 but then moved to Feb 21.  Then February 21 became an internal negotiations day.  Finally, on February 27, the House voted on SB1, HR1 and HR2 - the legislation Rozzi wanted.  Having gotten what he wanted, Speaker Rozzi resigned and handed the gavel to its elected owner, Joanna McClinton. After climbing slowly, the roller coaster swished down, with a lot happening in less than an hour.

After 250 years, the PA House of Representatives elected the first woman to serve as Speaker.  And McClinton is only the 2nd African American to serve as Speaker of the House.  McClinton is also an ordained minister and a lawyer.

On Wednesday, March 1, Speaker McClinton held control of an often argumentative and accusatory House of Representatives.  Both sides accused each other of “not playing nice in the sandbox.”  But here’s the reality, the Democrats have one more vote than the Republicans.  This slim margin makes me cautiously optimistic that after years of stalemate, fair, just, equitable legislation can become law and serve Pennsylvanians over the next two years.

At this time (Thursday afternoon), only the Committee on Committees and the Judiciary Committee have been formed.  I await more Committee announcements this afternoon. 

Then, finally, I will be able to work with our justice teams to schedule lobby days for March through June.  See the information in this newsletter for our lobby day with CeaseFirePA planned for Thursday, March 23.  When you register, please put a UU after your last name so we can reimburse CeaseFirePA for any transportation or food costs we incur for using their organizing for this event.

As I see it, UUJusticePA advocacy work this Spring will be crammed into three months rather than the usual five.  Put your running shoes on and do what you can—the more, the merrier always welcome in Harrisburg.  Dates are coming soon.  But there will also be lots of letter writing, postcard writing, calls, local legislative visits, and letters to the editor to be done.

Also, please note that our Board has decided not to have an in-person spring meeting to free up time and resources to invite all PA UUs to attend UUA General Assembly in Pittsburgh.  GA in Pennsylvania may be a lifetime opportunity for some of our UUs across the state. 

More information about a reception for UUJusticePA at GA will be available soon.

And we will have an in-person gathering in the Fall. 

We now post all of our monthly Justice Team meetings on the homepage of our website.  There is lots of other information on our website as well.  Check us out often. 

Holding ground in our faith and moving justice forward in PA,

Rev. Joan


Just around the corner is the March UUJusticePA ALL TEAM CALL.
Save the Date now.
March 7th from 7 - 8pm
We are planning some informative conversation with PA Leadership.


We have a gun safety majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
– and a real chance to pass life-saving legislation.

Help us seize this opportunity by joining us, CeaseFirePA, and hundreds of other gun violence prevention advocates in Harrisburg on Thursday, March 23 for our annual Advocacy Day.



UUJusticePA,  please put UU after your name when you sign up.
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General Assembly 2023

General Assembly is the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists, where we conduct business of the Association, explore the theological underpinnings of our faith, and lean fully into our mission and principles. Join us June 21 - 25, 2023 online or in-person in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Most GA events will take place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA. Google map

Note from Rev. Joan & the UUJusticePA Board:
GA in our own state of Pennsylvania!!  How exciting.  In order to give all Pennsylvania UUs the time and resources to go to GA this year, UUJusticePA will not have an Annual Spring In-Person Gathering.  A reception is being planned during GA.  More details to follow.

For more information and to register for the assembly and/or reserve rooms, click the appropriate link.

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