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Together, we have the opportunity to affect the elections in each of Pennsylvania's 67 counties. Many UU's work polling locations as volunteer greeters and other volunteer positions. Becoming an elected or appointed poll worker has several benefits:

  • Learn about PA elections
  • Get paid a nominal amount for training and election day
  • Help Your Community
  • Take Part in saving our democracy
  • Gain valuable experience

The Election Board is responsible for filling five positions for each county. Elected positions are Judge of Elections, Majority Inspector, and Minority Inspector. Non-elected (appointed) positions are clerks and machine inspectors.

If you would like to serve in one of the elected positions next election (May 17th) there are many currently vacant positions that must be filled by the Election Board, most county boards will begin filling positions with those who fill out the Poll Worker Interest Form.

If you would like more detailed information, please visit the page:

Every election is determined by the people who show up.  Larry Sabato, political scientist

Yesterday in the mail, I received my May 17 primary ballot.  Have you received yours?  Have you requested it? (the deadline is May 10.)  What about your children, have you asked them if they have applied for and received their mail in ballot?  How about your friends and neighbors, your siblings, other members of your family no matter their political leanings?

We will only save our democracy through getting out the vote.  I see no other way.  Elections matter.  And, in my opinion, if every citizen of this state (and country) had easy access to voting our government would look and act differently.  It is a goal that gives hope.

There are several ways you can get involved NOW:

  • Have a plan for voting either by mail or in person. 
  • Ask everyone you talk with everyday if they have a vote plan      READ MORE


Here are some tips from
Spotlight PA's Voter Guide.

More than a few things have changed since Pennsylvanians last went to the polls. Your congressional and legislative districts might be different, some counties are supervising or reducing drop boxes, and the mail-in voting law has been ruled unconstitutional — but it remains in effect and a valid form of voting as the state Supreme Court considers an appeal.

Spotlight PA's complete guide to the May 17 primary covers all of this and more, with key deadlines, tips for casting your ballot at the polls or by mail, and tips for making sure your mail-in vote isn't thrown out.

If you're on the fence about the importance of primaries, consider this: 
In the new legislative maps, only 15% of the seats are considered competitive, according to nonpartisan analysis. That means most districts have one party with a strong majority, so whichever candidate wins the primary of the dominant party is all but guaranteed to win in November.



Thank you to our Congregation Liaison Coordinator, Caron Carnahan, and our dedicated congregation liaisons and social justice teams for keeping our Postcard initiative Moving Forward.  Being recognized by our yellow lobby garb in the Capital and now our postcards increase our presence in Harrisburg.  

We have mailed approximately 1,000 postcards to legislators in their Capital offices.  And we will continue to send postcards in support of our Lobby Days through June.   We provide postcards, stamps, and text.  All we ask is a few minutes of your time.


Gun Safety Advocates representing UUJusticePA
and CeaseFire PA with Rep Dianne Herrin

We have now had four lobby days in Harrisburg this legislative session.   Our Gun Violence Prevention Lobby Day on April 26th was our most successful to date. We had 20 Unitarian Universalists come to the Capital last Tuesday. How did we make this happen? We collaborated with CeaseFirePA.  CeaseFirePA had buses come from all over the state, they had training sessions for folks so we would know what to expect, and they even gave us lunch vouchers. UUJusticePA reimbursed them, but collaboration made our participation more manageable and effective.

We are learning how to lobby in Harrisburg effectively. We will partner with Education Voters PA on May 24 and CADBI (Coalition Against Death By Incarceration) on May 25. On June 13, we will collaborate with Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center on a Budget Lobby Day. UUs are Coming to Harrisburg!! Join us.

CeaseFirePA Newsletter
with highlights of our shared Lobby Day.


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